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Personalized Copy Increased Sales by 8.97% for a Best Seller

  • Goal:
  • Solution:
    • Our idea was to personalize the copy by asking users what the name of their dog is. We then added their dog’s name in various locations in the copy to get the user to picture their dog using the product and benefitting from the product.
  • Outcome:
    • 8.97% lift in conversion rate and 9.06% lift in revenue.


We have been working with for a while, and we still can’t talk about their amazing products enough. Our pets are family, so they deserve proper medical attention just like anyone else in our lives — and that’s what provides with their Walkin’ Wheels SMALL Dog Wheelchair. But the product page didn’t contain a lot of copy that connected with the shopper emotionally. That’s where we come in.

Our Hypothesis

By asking the user for their dog’s name and adding that name throughout our copy, we can encourage the user to imagine their dog using the Walkin’ Wheels SMALL Dog Wheelchair and benefiting from it. In turn, this should increase the likelihood that they order from

Test Concept

We did 2 things in our concept:

1. We added the section shown below that asks users to enter their dog’s name (and since we don’t mention to the user what happens after entering a name and since people are naturally curious, we expected people to be drawn in by this and enter their dog’s name):

Text field for users to enter their dog’s name

2. After users enter their dog’s name, they see this copy (each arrow represents a location where we inserted the name of the user’s dog):

The copy that appears after the user enters their dog’s name

Note: The accordion menu has been completely opened to show you all of the copy in one image.


We ran this as an A/B test and our variation was declared a winner. Our variation saw an 8.97% improvement in conversions and a 9.06% improvement in revenue: A/B Test Results

Why Our Concept Won

Before our concept, there was a good chance users weren’t actively thinking about their dogs or imagining them with the product. Instead, they were thinking about things like price, shipping, return policy, etc.

We believe our concept won because by using the name of the user’s dog, we are forcing the user to think about their dog, the pain or sadness their dog might be experiencing, and how their dog is a family member who deserves to walk, run, and play again.

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